everybody has problems.

 ToBeReal is here to take back our humanity!

our mission

ToBeReal is a non-profit organization designed to enhance the meaning of mental health by challenging cultural definitions of normal, abnormal, health, and illness.  Through public programing and community development we encourage people ToBeReal and reclaim their humanity.



Our vision is to create a culture that values and understands empathy by honoring the entire spectrum of human experience.  We want to empower individuals to reconnect with their emotions as they arise and use them as a tool for connection and understanding.  

 Our Process:  We have only just begun.  During the initial stage of development we will be fine tuning our message and constructing action plans for future programs.ToBeReal is a collaborative movement.  Therefore we welcome any feedback and encourage participation as we evolve.  

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A man has as many social selves as there are distinct groups of persons about whose opinion he cares. He generally shows a different side of himself to each of these different groups.
— William James

Artwork by Ze Jucutan