Meaning Through Sculpture

Art by Donald Gialanella

The Persistence of Amnesia

Wood, steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel. 22" tall. 2014

Inspired by a friend who was in the early stages of dementia. Her jumbled and disjointed thoughts are represented by mismatched gears. The funnel to nowhere symbolizes how stimulus entered her awareness but wasn’t retained in her short term memory. The whole image of the head and face made from an assortment of oddly-paired objects conveys the idea of being confused.

The title is an homage to Dali’s infamous painting of melting clocks, “The Persistence of Memory”.


Sad Boy

24" tall. Recycled steel. 2007 

This detailed and expressive metal figure utilizes several different metalworking techniques to illustrate the universally understood feeling of sadness and depression. The tree is barren, his heart is broken and the outlook is hopeless. Pain and isolation in world gone insane.


Donald Gialanella


32" tall. Recycled steel. 2008

This piece is life scale and is made from shaped steel elements welded together to form a dimensional image of a delusional disorder. A condition where a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined.

The main feature of this artwork is the presence of the owl, a delusion which is manifests itself as an unshakable presence of something that is unreal. The sculpture illustrates what the delusional person may see.

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