Climate Change and the Inner Self

Art by Joelle Provost

In our current world, it has brought me great sadness to know that climate change not only affects us, but affects other species as well. This personal need for self-importance is often in conflict with humility, and the battle is what fuels my art. In my art, I also think about generating species compassion. The process of art making is a place where I can practice compassion in hopes that the sentiment of both the sadness of our current state and the universal message of hope is transmitted. 

Cataclysmic events, mutant animals with balloon heads, birds composed of swept up floor dirt and diacritic notes; the subjects within my paintings are inflicted by the everything-is-connected syndrome in the age of climate change.

“Self” in these works is inevitably intertwined with the universal with compassion in mind. In the work, I investigate Self and the baggage it carries as it parallels humanity’s baggage that we have collectively left on this planet; both in our literal trash, psychology behind the messes we have created, and in the guilt attached to these messes. I highlight the indispensable, precious qualities of both the Earth and the Self. In the process of creating, I find joy and humility in an unsettled time of debauchery, hedonism, and finitude. 


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