Finding pleasure within

Kawena Vidigal

 An  Intaglio Line Etching  Kawena Vidigal entitled, "Playing With Myself."

An Intaglio Line Etching Kawena Vidigal entitled, "Playing With Myself."

Kawena Vidigal is an artist living in the bay area.  She is passionate about mental health and helping bridge the gap between what is considered health and illness. Kawena copes with her own mental health struggles through art.  “Playing with Myself” depicts a figure being touched and touching a body, but only the body.  There is no head as a mirror has replaced it. The figure is watching her own reflection, as she is touched and touching.  Self-love is a constant theme in her work, as she requires frequent reminders of her worth.  The idea that we need to look outside of ourselves for pleasure is an illusion, and this piece highlights that.

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