Lyrical Honesty

Music by Mark Rascati

Betting on the Races was written and recorded in a dorm room in 2009 while attending college in Louisville, Kentucky.  The song was inspired by an ongoing fit of anxiety and apathy and not feeling enriched by any new morning.  Seeking self help didn't stop the anxiety from occurring, and a vague feeling of hopeless trudging inspired a gambling metaphor that fit the culture of horse racing in Louisville.  The main message of the song is that even through feelings of hopelessness, you have to keep taking that gamble, and keep pushing your odds at enlightenment and happiness.

Mark Rascati was born in suburban Alexandria, Virginia in 1990 to sewing teacher and government employee Grace and Michael Rascati.  When he was 11, he was inspired by a Beatles mockumentary to save up for an electric guitar.  After a few years of tear-filled, unsuccessful attempts to pick up the instrument, he finally got over the hump 2003.  After becoming more acquainted with the instrument, writing original guitar parts came naturally.   Discovering how artists such as Kurt Cobain successfully were able to write catchy hooks while effectively expressing angst allowed for a solid framework for musical expression.  His inspiration came from both alternative artists and folk lyricists, as his tastes grew over the years.   Eventually he became more exclusively drawn to artists that tended towards lyrical honesty, and displaying the reality of the human condition in sharp and direct ways.   Music's profound ability to turn the every day struggles of the human condition into beauty and spiritual understanding has always been at the crux of Mark's musical obsession and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Currently he works on instrumentals for his long-time friend and hip-hop artist, while still attempting to hone his own craft of songwriting.

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