Skits Zoid




When just a whippersnapper of a little boy
Me late mum and octogenarian pop agreed
For doctor removal of my adenoid
Less to prevent their only son from being coy
Than fear of said male heir to the Harris carnival throne
Becoming an android
A less than agreeable likelihood, especially
In tandem with predilection of goy
This fateful outcome unfazed this now green giant,
Not the least bit annoyed
As captain crunch (before childhood end)
Beckoned yours truly with “A HOY”
Horrified that my parents would be so blithe
To steer their son clear to avoid
Psychotic outcome to deliver obliviousness
And thus bring inner joy
So, they sent their peculiar male progeny
Believing he to be residue of Pink Floyd
Who found himself evicted desperately
And in sore need of gainful m ploy
So he began his therapy
In the orifice er office of maudlin Sigmund Freud
Who bore a striking resemblance
To a wooden pecked prickly shaped toy
This mental analysis delved into past – outcome
I felt less than overjoyed
Despite boss be addressed
As Oedipus wrecks and pay verbal homage that did cloy
Dredging layered past devoid
Of love, yet
Flush with fallacious prevaricated abuse
From mister Lloyd Lavinsky,
A male lore demon of a grade school bully
forsooth sanity he destroyed!

My Bio-Chemical Romance ™

klonipin and prozac stepford wives vis a vis stimulants
offering an emotional uplifting dalliance
cathartic against the depredation of panic attacks
melancholia and obsessive compulsive disorder
bearing down hard
against psychological maladies delivering a near ecstatic
state of mental health
wresting these mailer daemons long symbiotically fixed
within mental cortex
damning up the recent debilitating physical paralysis
to enjoy life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
thus pharmacologically affianced with consciousness
like twin ephemeral mermaid rooted sirens
teasing out malevolent forces
that long ago found egress into the nether worlds
of my then very precariously perched psyche
sapping the cellular level juices
extant within this body politick of two score + three years
whose internal dependence on these synthetic medications
allow, enable and provide much sought after relief
from chronic diabolical ejaculatory phantasmagoria
for the last few years restrained as near meaningless dupes
feigning themselves as agents provocateurs
essentially powerless against encapsulated digestible
prescription medication far more endearing than any
previous paramour or current spouse
hermetically sealing outrageous plague
of pestiferous schizoid locus
parasites totally invisible to any observer
yet (in their heyday) wreaked havoc greater
than any biblical maelstrom
affecting bizarre psycho-social behavior
(particularly during prepubescent chapter)
exhibiting complete isolation from people
with mindset to terminate life (when about thirteen
journeys round the sun) thru anorexia nervosa!