The Digital and Physical Gap

Max R. Rosenabaum 

Most of my work is created in a way similar to the construction of a mandala. I start from the center and grow outwards, reflecting on the previous step and questioning which step comes next, as a series of events that unfold ad infinitum . The materials I incorporate into my art always have a relation to tactility, integrating the physical qualities that each material possesses, the viscosity of silicone, or the rigidity and chalkiness of plaster. The choice in materials adds the urge to not only look at the work but experience it phenomenologically, through touch. My intent is to merge the gap between digital and physical, and for my work titled Our Relationship, I incorporated a lenticular print in the center to give a similar effect that a gif can bring to the artwork. This lenticular print, which is placed inside a paper machè structure, is trapped by the black silicone engulfing the piece. The relationship I am referencing in the tittle of this piece is the one we have with ourselves. Everyone has that inner voice of anxieties that tell them the opposite of what they need to hear, some voices are louder than others. My anxieties try to hinder my life, but by incorporating them into my artwork, and acknowledging their existence through my process, I have been able to objectively distance myself from my insecurities and succeed.
  Our Relationship  by Max R. Rosenabum

Our Relationship by Max R. Rosenabum