Narrative of Self-worth and Solidarity

nina colombo:  Narratives and poetry

Mental illness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and depression.  My writing is inspired by the dissonance I experience when trying to fit in.

'Parallel Worlds' speaks to my emotions while offering others a chance to examine their own perspectives.  The poem reflects my affection for someone dear to me, and then discusses the loss someone else has endured half a world away.


'Inner Messages' is a look inside my mind and the lack of self-confidence that colors my experience.  One can know that they are capable, inquisitive, or powerful, without truly believing it.  It generally takes many years for young people to feel at home in their own skin, and I see mental illness as another hurdle towards self-love. If one is different in any way, shape, or form, others may prey on that, especially in the follies of youth. I wanted to write a message to myself, but also share it so that others could be reminded of their worth. 

For me, #ToBeReal means learning how to embrace my authentic self.  I like to collect paper products (stationary, for example), pens, pencils and erasers. I love to dance when the mood hits me or be silly and give levity to my friends' lives. ToBeReal means to not apologize for what you like, as there is a community for everything in life. You just have to find your people.