Music From The Psyche by Black Atlas

Drawing from the writings and lectures of C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, Manly P. Hall, the mystic imagery of The Tarot, and the late nineteen seventies psychedelia of artists such as Pink Floyd, Magma, and King Crimson, The Black Atlas presents "The Equinox," a series of EPs exploring the currents of individual human consciousness.

The music of 'The Equinox' focus on stages of personal recognition and development within the psyche. Coming to know oneself and attempting to transmute the primal, animal energies and their potencies into higher level consciousness," explains Peter Koronios, NYC based solo musician and principal figure behind The Black Atlas. "It's a struggle we all go through as individuals, and ultimately it's the process of evolution for human consciousness on a larger scale.

Instrumentation and vocals performed by Peter Koronios. Piano performed by Jesse Clasen

Rivers comes from the narrative standpoint of a troubled consciousness. Someone who is deeply dissatisfied and troubled by the discrepancies between the outward world and an interior, personal ideal. The ending is a free form musical representation of dreamlike stream of consciousness.

Instrumentation and vocals performed by Peter Koronios. Vocal samples provided by Jesse Clasen. Backing vocals provided by Ally Hoffman.

Black Milk was lyrically written stream of consciousness, having to do once again with an interior sort of recognition, and understanding of the complexities of human interaction. Ultimately, deconstructing reality and recombining those elements to obtain a more firm understanding of the experience as a whole.

The Other" (Volume I of The Equinox) and "Devils" (Volume II of The Equinox) are currently available for free download, with artwork by Colin Frangicetto (of Circa Survive) at "Equinox" (Volume III of The Equinox) will drop this winter.

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