Relationships, Betrayal and Fashion

Julz Hale Mary

"Relationship Hook" shows how romantic relationships often cause the loosing of one's intuition, preferences, and sense of right and wrong.  It highlights the confusion and cognitive dissonance one experiences in the abusive relationships.  Ultimately, it explores socially sanctioned attractions, and their entrenchment in heteropatriarchal narratives of masc and femme.  The clips used in the film pull from Buffalo 66, Fight Club, and Gossip Girl. 

"He Will Protect Them, He Will Grope Them" is an outfit by Julz Hale Mary.  Julz externalizes betrayal, trans dysmorphia and sexual abuse/harassment.  The outfit questions the promises of protection by an exploitive white patriarchal society, exposing the 'protector' as the abuser.

Julz Hale Mary is a multi-media performance artist who exposes the absurdity of polite society.  Julz is especially focused on interrogating the white patriarchy by creating campy renderings of feminized pathologies.  Influenced by somatic therapy and alternative mental health, Julz utilizes modern dance, Colorguard, objects, video, pop culture, fashion, drag, and music to obscure "common beliefs" based on the traditional lens of psychoanalysis.  Inspired by their own trans narrative, Julz critically engages western binaries, capitalist ladders, and one dimensional sentimentalities.  Their work has been featured at SomArts, The Lab, Artist Television Access, Submission, The Stud, Seattle LGBT Film Festival, Boston LGBT Film Festival, and The Center for Sex and Culture. 

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Here One Day: A documentary about bipolar disorder, suicide, and family

Here One Day is a documentary by Kathy Leichter.  She is an award-winning documentary film producer and director and founder of Two Suns Media and Mint Leaf Productions both based in New York City.  Here one day is a film about her mother's experience of "bipolar disorder", suicide, and how her family survived in the aftermath.